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How All Faith’s Secrets Will Be Out And She Will Be Dumped



Faith Zwide is Funani’s second wife after his first wife perished in a fire while carrying a baby daughter named Zobuhle. Faith was in love with Isaac Molapo at that time

Funani and his family were extremely glad to focus on developing the House of Zwide legacy by branding clothing and selling them internationally. One day, Funani would be dated by Faith from the Tembisa location, and that is when she set her sights on Funani’s life. They end up marrying after he loses his wife in a fire. On the other hand, Isaac adopted Zobuhle and named her Onalerona.


The issue began when Nkosi was plagued by nightmares at night recalling how his mother and sister had perished. He can’t sleep because every time he closes his eyes, his dreams return as fresh as yesterday.

Faith persuaded Nkosi to forget about the past and focus on the fire and the Zwide of legacy; it is how you would be healed.


Remember that Faith was the one who set fire to Funani’s wife because she was jealous of the life he was having with his family. She desired to be a member of his rich family. She was in love with Isaac Molapo, who is now Rea’s husband. Isaac was able to save Onalerona from the flames of fire and nurture her as his own daughter.

Faith felt agitated when her mother-in-law revealed that Ona is Funani’s daughter. He intended to eliminate her by strangling her to death so that the truth would not be revealed.

Funani advised his kid to attend a therapist to help him with his nightmares. When Funani said that Nkosi, his kid, needed to visit a therapist, his wife Faith became violent, knowing that the truth about Onalerona’s identity would be revealed. She even hated Ona since she knew she was Funani’s kid and no one else knew but her and Isaac.

When Faith recognized that the nightmares were severe, she messaged Isaac and told him that they had a problem. Isaac inquired of Faith, “How do you sleep at night with such a chilly heart?”

Let’s hope she’s not intending to murder Nkosi since he doesn’t listen to her by focusing on the future and forgetting about the past.



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