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Dineo Ranaka Under Fire



Recently, reports surfaced online that a social media influencer was exposing the radio host to exploitation. Dineo, according to the influencer, engaged her to market her make-up business LuvDr in early December 2021.

However, she is yet to get paid for the task, despite the fact that it has been over a month since she provided the services. She contacted Dineo, whose reaction was both nasty and irritating to the influencer Felicia Zwane.



Dineo responded by stating that her team was performing market research on Felicia’s services and that they would come back to her with her money in due time.

The screenshots posted by Felicia did not amuse Mzansi. What everyone doesn’t understand is why Dineo and her team hired Felicia without first ensuring that her fees are competitive in the business.

Social media users have gone into the comments section to try to figure out what Dineo was thinking when she submitted her message.

They believe that, as a competent businesswoman, she should have inquired about the lady’s fees ahead of time and, if necessary, bargained with them. It is unethical to recruit somebody on one wage and then change your mind after she has finished the task and payment is due. Tweeps are already labeling Dineo as tough to deal with since they recall a similar event from the past. She is also claimed to have refused to pay her previous manager at one point. The matter ended up in court, where she lost and was obliged to compensate the manager.

Naturally, that harmed their workplace relationship, which may explain why she had to find new management.



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