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Amstel Lager withdraws sponsorship deal with ‘Podcast & Chill with MacG’



After making offensive remarks about trans women, podcaster Macgyver ‘MacG’ Mukwevho has lost another big sponsor, Amstel, of his popular program “Podcast and Chill with MacG.”

Mukwevho and co-host Sol Phenduka discussed the new infidelity controversy involving actress Vuyo Dabula on a recent edition of “Podcast and Chill with MacG.”


“Shame guy that (that) had to happen to Vuyo,” Phenduka says throughout the chat. A very remarkable individual. I spotted him at Auckland Park last week. He enjoys riding the lovely transis.”

Mukwevho was amused and burst out laughing before answering, “I saw a photo of the trans woman.” I’ve got to say, holla at me at 3 a.m., I’m coming in dude. She is stunning. “I’m like, she’s trans?” MacG said.


Following this, Amstel Lager has since announced that they withdrew their partnership with the show, saying in a statement: “The Amstel brand, locally and globally, is centered around friendship and inclusion of all people, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation, without discrimination, and we distance ourselves from any transphobic and homophobic views.

We have officially parted ways with ’Podcast and Chill with MacG’ and will no longer be a partner as of 1 December 2021,” added the statement.

The video clip that went viral caught the attention of many people, including actor and model Mohale Motaung, who slammed the duo for their “transphobic jokes.”



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