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Cute pics of Lehasa and Pretty’s relationship gets Mzansi talking



Until Lehasa puts a ring on it, he’s still single. Lehasa is not going through with the wedding this is a proof that he will not pay lobola to Khwezi.

Mzansi has been thinking about Pretty and Lehasa, we just hope the writers get them married they look so cute together, good and evil go together.


Pretty’s wardrobe for when she’s going to see Lehasa,plus that hairstyle. Not Pretty going to the hotel dressed so we’ll , but with a school back pack. She Knows that Mantuli will get suspicious if she go dressed up like that.


I like it when they are in love triangle. It will be good when there is a drama. They look good together but i can’t trust Lehasa. Lehasa only loved one woman in his life and that’s Zandile and Pretty is close to be the second woman he ever loved, because he acts exactly like he acted around Zandi when he is with Pretty.

Lehasa referring to Khwezi as his past without her knowledge, men are disappointment shem. Kwezi acting desperate to get married.

How can she post about the Lobola negotiationn when she can easily see Lehasa is getting cold feet. She will end paying Lobola for herself.

Lehasa and Khwezi are like water and oil they are pretending to each other those two. Even if he doesn’t marry Pretty he can’t be with Khwezi as well. Lehasa loves Pretty because she is the only innocent thing in his life and she’s well raised and she’s got a good heart.

Pretty is going to kill MaNtuli with heart attack. That woman has been through a lot in life. I saw her yesterday with Somizi and Thandaza on sarafina crying while singing in the cemetry with soldiers throwing teargas on her and bullets flying around.

This episode got me thinking and also, in reality, does this mean most married men are in love less marriages and some lady out there has his heart? What is your thoughts?

Is Pretty really the one in Lehasa’s eyes?



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