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Who is richer Ntando Duma or Lady Amar? Business empires compared



The Duma sisters are famous for how much alike they look and their hard work in the entertainment industry. The older of the two is a DJ who goes by the stage name Lady Amar but was born Thando Duma. The younger one is Ntando Duma, a known actress and presenter in the South African entertainment sector. The two of them support each other and are constantly together. However, as to who is the richer sister, we will only know by the end of this article.

The two grew up with their mother and grandmother at Orange farm after their father walked out on them when Ntando was three years old. However, despite being raised by a single mother, they did not exactly lack. They could not afford the luxuries that other kids with both parents got. They learned to hustle at a young age and have been winning at it ever since.


Ntando Duma

Ntando Duma started as a vine star and grew to be a presenter of some kids’ shows. She landed jobs on Craz-e, Sistahood and ShizNiz as a presenter. A year after those gigs, Ntando got her first acting job on Rhythm City. Productions like The Queen have also been hired an actress even though viewers hated her acting. Her presenting obs have gained her a lot of popularity, however, as she is good at them.

Lady Amar and Ntando Duma


Many brands want to work with her as their ambassador, and she gets paid for her partnerships. During her years, she has worked for Domestos, purity, Coca-cola and Huawei. Currently, she is estimated to be worth over R14 million rands, with most of her money coming from her Television jobs.

Lady Amar, Ntando’s older sister, came into the industry under her younger sister’s shadow. However, she took the music route and released a single called Let it rain. After that, she discovered her love for playing at events and clubs and is always booked. Her sister Ntando is her biggest support system and always attends her sets.

Lady Amar

Besides having a successful career as a DJ, Lady Amar has her makeup brand. The line has a range of lipsticks, false eyelashes and eye shadow palettes. On top of that, she also has paid partnerships with Native Child and Strawberry Lips. Her current net worth is estimated to be close to R9 million, with most of her cash coming from her company and job as a DJ.



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