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Is Blaq Diamond Dating Each Other?



Most South Africans are familiar with the iconic Afro-pop band, comprised of Sphelele” Danya Devs” Dunywa and Ndumiso “Ndu Browns” Mdletshe. These young men have entertained the nation for over five years with their sounds and creative lyrics.

However, we do not often see them accompanied by any ladies. So, are the Blaq Diamonds in a relationship? We have the real names of Blaq Diamond’s girlfriends, pictures, dating history, and much more.


Are Blaq Diamonds twins?

Although both these boys were born in 1994 in Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal, they are, in fact, not related. The names of the musicians behind the iconic SA group, Blaq Diamond, are Sphelele Dunywa and Ndumiso Mdletshe.


The pair met in high school, and, after discovering they also shared a passion for music, the two have been inseparable ever since. After high school, the young men moved to Johannesburg and started their Afro-pop band, releasing their first hit in 2017 titled ” Ibahnoyi .”This successful single earned them a record deal with Ambitouz Entertainment, and their sound has since become recognized both locally and internationally.

Who is Blaq Diamond dating?

It is no surprise that these dashing young lads are highly sought after, but are either of them still available? Do they already have wives and children? Let us delve into the romantic lives of Ndu Browns and Danya Devs to find out more.

Who is Ndumiso Mdletshe’s wife?


Ndu Browns has been consistently private about his personal life, and most reports suggest that the young star is currently single. On September 2021, however, he was rumored to be dating the influencer Cyan Boujee, whose real name is Honour Zuma.

However, if the two were a pair, we doubt that is still the case after Cyan posted a video of the ‘couple” on Instagram to show her affections for Ndu on his birthday, and he completely ignored her.
Mdletshe is also known for his attempt to find love in Jozi when he went live on Instagram and requested that all the local ladies DM him their contact details.

Who is Danya Devs’ girlfriend?

Is Danya Devs dating Sbahle? Although they are often seen together, Sbahle Cele Chiliza is not in a relationship with Sphelele. She was, however, the first artist to officially sign with Blaq Diamond’slabel, UmuthiRecords, in 2020.

No one has yet to claim the title of Sphelele Dunywa’s wife, but he is rumored to have been dating the dancer and musician Kamo Mhela since last year. However, the pair have not made their alleged relationship official, as Danya prefers to keep his personal life private. We are uncertain of the existence ofSphelele Dunywa’s child as he has not openly claimed to be the father.



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