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Tenda’s Master Plan To Punish James For Keeping Kenosi



Things are about to heat up between Tenda and Mpho and James (Dingaan Mokebe kaKhumalo) and Imani in Muvhango this February.

Baby Kenosi’s parents – Tenda and Mpho are about to find out that James’ mother – Moipone is the one who kidnapped their baby at the hospital.


Muvhango’s Tenda is currently down and out at home after James kicked him out of MMC…but he won’t be down for long.


He’s about to discover that James and Imani knew that his mother – Moipone kidnapped his baby and kept quiet about it.

Tenda will make sure that Imani and James are arrested for keeping the secret according to the TVSA February teasers.

Tenda is furious with James for keeping him out of the company and for kidnapping him and getting away with it.

Mpho (Azwimmbavhi Rambuda) will also be frustrated and blame herself for not following her instincts about James’ mother.

She could feel that Moipone is evil when she was at James’ house and sensed her evil spirit but didn’t do anything about it.

The downfall of James and Imani (Zonke Mchunu) means that Tenda will have the upper hand at MMC again and regain his position as chairman.


Viewers of the soapie will be elated to see Baby Kenosi reunited with her parents after the writer’s dragged the storyline for months.

Fans also don’t understand why Imani and James have not shared the latest development in the kidnapping case.

Mpho and Tenda (Nathaniel Ramabulana) made a video statement last night and asked the public to help them locate their missing.

The TVSA Wednesday, 9 February teaser reads: “Tenda is told the truth about where his baby is.”

And the Monday 14 February teaser reads: “Imani threatens to expose Moipone’s secret.”

Moipone kidnapped the baby at the hospital and gave him to her niece – Mantwa so that police won’t suspect her of the kidnapping



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