The rape case against DJ Fresh and Euphonik has been dropped for the second time, as the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) declined to prosecute.

On Sunday, 29 May, City Press reported that the docket for the case was returned to police after the alleged victim claims the case was reopened in February.

According to the NPA, the matter remains closed and the case was never enrolled.

Reacting to her case being dropped for a second time, the alleged victim, identified only by her Twitter handle @Nampree said she didn’t expect anything else.

“Exactly as I had anticipated. I said this would be the outcome. If you send back the same docket that was declined and not correct or remove the lies written by the unknown PI from Botswana, Thabang Kotsedi, what do you expect? Yes, I’ve named him.”


The alleged victim in her case was dropped again

She claims her case was sabotaged by a “bogus cop,” and names Kotsedi as the shady private investigator who walked into the police station and removed her case docket.

The case was initially dropped in September 2021 due to insufficient evidence.


By J Times

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