Oby and Philani are tying up loose ends, and one of them is the Holy House.

After Spike messed up with the Khambule life cover situation and risked almost getting caught last week, Philani told him to disappear. On this week’s highlights, Philani is heard telling Oby that Spike is headed to Mozambique, but then they took Mbali because she found out about their plans to execute Mo’s father.

Oby suggests they get rid of the Holy House, and these two come up with a plan to erase the Holy House with everyone in it. That includes Mbali.
Oby and Philani go to their biggest pawn in the church, The Prophet.

The prophet is seen praying for the next life while the Holy House goes up in flames in the video.
According to the teasers, Mo is convinced that this is their destiny and wants to die in the fire.

Mbali is seen screaming in a room full of smoke while everyone has accepted their fate.

Meanwhile, Lucy is still up in arms looking for Mbali, and she tries to ask for help from the police, but Dali doesn’t see the emergency. This sends her over the edge, and she decides to take matters into her own hands, much to Mrekza’s disapproval.


Sphe learns that Winston is still a cause for concern in her life.
It’s been months since the horrible occurrences of the crazy serial killer that strangled Mia and ended up hanging Sphe and almost killed Dr. Cele.

Winston ran away, and that was the last time we saw him, or was it?

Sphe is still suffering from PTSD from Winston, and now it looks like he could be making a comeback.

In the newly released highlights, Sphe is seen talking to a stranger in a parking lot, who gives her a piece of her mind about Winston.
The woman claims Sphe is not fit to be Winston’s woman, leaving Dr. Cele shocked and confused.
Sphe gets so desperate that she solicits help from none other than Philani.
He vows to find Winston.

Things will get very messy and exciting simultaneously as far as the teasers go.


By J Times

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