Zodwa Wabantu, a reality TV personality, and a dancer has denied accusations that she was unable to attend a festival in Botswana this week due to a warrant issued by the Botswana government for her arrest.

According to a statement purporting to be from the Take It Easy Music Festival organizers, Zodwa would not be attending due to the warrant for allegedly “violating Botswana’s laws and humanitarian principles.”

The festival’s Facebook page did not feature the message or any indication of Zodwa’s absence and marketed her appearance until a few days ago. Organizers also published a video of her asking people to purchase festival tickets.


“I didn’t go to Botswana because they didn’t pay me. It’s news to me that there is a warrant of arrest, maybe they just want fame or whatever. I got no payment and I never posted anything on my Instagram about Botswana because of that.”

Clayson Monyela, a spokeswoman for the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, told a reliable source that the department was unaware of any warrant issued against Zodwa.


By J Times

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