Mzansi had a feast with Makhadzi when the news first broke on the internet because they were certain that what Babes Wodumo was saying was true.

On a live video on Instagram, Babes Wodumo accused Makhadzi of cheating with her lover. Everyone was against the renowned Venda young girl, accusing her of attempting to destabilize Babes Wodumo’s household.

Makhadzi learned of the allegations and responded with a video stating that she would never do what she is accused of. She also revealed that she was seeing someone in the video, adding that the news will harm her relationship with her partner because the claims were unfounded.

Mampintsha has yet to reply to his wife’s charges against Makhadzi, and now he just published a video in which he is shown siding with Makhadzi.


Babes Wodumo had told Makhadzi that she was unattractive, and Mampintsha had told his wife that everyone is lovely in their own unique manner.

People differ and come from various families, but there is no one who is unattractive; everyone is lovely, and this should be celebrated.


By J Times

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