I saw the tweet depicting the hijackers being forced to s##xually assault one another, and all I can say is:

The reality is that South African men saw rape as a punishment or a solution to a problem, which is why our rape statistics are so high. How do individuals ever come up with the notion of “letting them r@pe each other”?

You’ll be seriously shaken by the logic used by some guys in this nation. All around the world, rape is seen as a punishment by men. Not just in SA, though. Because of this, during the Civil War, they would plunder a hamlet, murder all the males, and r@pe all the women and children.

Throughout history, having intercourse with another m@n has always been a means of power. It is intended to degrade and demean him.

Others may put up an argument that:

These thugs have no problem taking over a vehicle, locking the boot, driving to a remote location, and raping your wife or your daughter in front of you. Because azina nembeza le zinja, I don’t care what punishments offenders receive after being apprehended.


Others may say :

If you’ve ever experienced having your car taken from you in front of your eyes while being held at gunpoint, you would also want to humiliate those men to the fullest extent.
I have no sympathy for the hijackers because some people have died as a result of them.

Whatever perspective you want to take, they deserved that penalty. Nearly every day, hijackers take the lives of innocent people, and this must stop.

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