In reaction to the viral video, PSIRA stated that it has determined whose security business the officers work for and that the issue is being investigated.

According to former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) General Secretary and attorney Godrich Gardee, the firm that employed the two security guards can be held accountable for the suffering caused on the suspected thief, and they (the two men) can be sued criminally.

“This is assault, and the firm that employs these security guards may be held vicariously accountable for the pain, and the security officers can be sued criminally.” “The victim should be supported at no cost by the Human Rights Commission or the Legal Aid Board,” he stated.

The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is looking into an incident in which security personnel were seen slapping a man who reportedly stole peanut butter.


A man reportedly stole multiple brands of peanut butter and hid them in his body in the 27-second video, which has now gone viral on social media, and a security guard can be seen flogging him.

In the video, the suspected peanut butter thief, who is already scarred on his face and covered in blood, begs mercy as one of the guards continues to strike him. The second security guard is holding the suspected thief’s arm so that the one administering the lashes is not distracted.

“I am employed, and I can even provide you with my work number; I will pay, I will pay.” “I am truly sorry; please forgive me,” pleads the suspected burglar in anguish.


By J Times

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