Viewers were left broken after the storyline of Lehasa , Pretty and Khwezi left everyone excited , shocked and heartbroken. We all expected fireworks from the scene but what we got was a nuclear bomb that we will never recover.

Lehasa knows how to pick them , we know where he has been with Lelo and Lelo nearly killed Zam by burning him to death. She wanted to be with Lehasa by all means but this time Khwezi is an upgrade.

Honestly , Lehasa should have think twice , known better than to cheat on Khwezi who forced Pretty to lie about her pregnancy. Tar Budz gives us his opinion on this issue see the screenshot:

The Seakamelas are left puzzled when Pretty refuses to see them and News about Lehasa hits the media.


The news has MaNtuli’s heart acting up again and Phomolo doesn’t buy Khwezika’s version of what happened and Lehasa will wake up mentions someone’s name in his sleep and causes a stir.

Pretty’s love for Lehasa renders her both banished and homeless. Will Lehasa return the favour when it is time for him to face the music.

Khwezi will strike again ,her plan is to destroy Lehasa and Pretty but she will be knocked for six when plan A didn’t work as she planned. She will plot plan B and learns something that throws her off balance.

Lehasa will find his strength and asked to see the woman he loves and now Khwezi is determined to finish Pretty once and for all. Everyone is shocked after Khwezi drop a bombshell of a pregnancy.


By J Times

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