I love today’s show as it showed that ancestors are very aware of conditions that need medical attention and run in genes of the family. There was an episode where they even recognized mental health. This other dlozi told his wife that his wife suffers from depression and should stop seeking assistance from sangomas as she needs mental attention. I saw the one who was told to wear a white doek and go see a medical doctor.

Tonight in #DlozLami we meet Barbra who needs help with her spirituality. She doesn’t know who she is needs to find and where is beliefs lie. She got a Spiritual Disease that she inherited from her Boyfriend and she needs cleaning. Barbra must just tell the truth, there’s a whole lot going on here.

This woman must learn to be an honest person and stop acting confused when asked questions. And also, this thing of her mixing churches, healers, spiritual leaders, etc must come to an end. She must choose one and stick to it. She’s the cause of all this confusion about her health.


This ancestor is so unreasonable because the lady clearly doesn’t have the spiritual knowledge to their questions. Whoever gave her the prophecy at church wasn’t doing it on good terms but rather to destroy it. Even the supposed prophecy isn’t genuine. Her mother wants her to go to the doctors and stop going to traditional healers. It’s important everyone who walks here on earth should know their origin.

Stay away from churches, sangomas, prophets, etc until your ancestors intervene. If your ancestors are cool then just live ur life. Don’t mix spiritual churches with traditional healers. Choose one and stick to it. Stop complicating your life


By J Times

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