Nelisiwe Sibiya is happy of herself for not failing her complex and demanding character on Durban Gen since 2020.

Nelisiwe had exceptional acting abilities when she portrayed both a medical practitioner and a sangoma.

The 31-year-old actress from Eskhaleni, KZN, said she is thankful to God for providing her strength because many people expected her to fail at playing the challenging part.

After three years on, Durban Gen will be replaced by the new show Nikiwe, which will premiere on Monday, April 17th.

She admitted that it was challenging at first since many people expected her to fall short of expectations.

“Many people, including some of the actors and actresses in the industry, told me I didn’t deserve to play one of the leading characters.


“Others told me they were supposed to be casted for that character, not me,” she said.

Nelisiwe stated that naysayers forced her to work harder while playing the part, and she has finally proven them wrong.

“I appreciate God for guiding me through that huge struggle and strain for three years, because the programme was developed around my character.”

“I will be eternally thankful to Durban Gen for providing me with the opportunity to demonstrate my acting talent.” I learned a lot since the programme prompted us to do more research because it was about what happens in hospitals.

“I’m particularly pleased that I was able to portray both a medical doctor and a sangoma.” I was the one who recommended to the show’s creators that they include a sangoma character.”


By J Times

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