Friday was the most entertaining evening for Scandal viewers as Mbali’s web of lies came down collapsing on her.

Jojo surprised her wife with a date at her family home in snake Park after he had followed uncle Jakes and saw where they really stay.

Although Mbali tried to cover up her lies with more lies claiming her father was in charge of a RDP tender that’s why he was very comfortable in that township.

Jojo will then confront the whole family tonight attacking Mbali’s mother on how much of a bad mom she is by supporting her child’s lies.


While at it uncle Jakes will drop another bombshell on Jojo revealing that he’s not really Mbali’s father he’s actually her uncle.

Jojo will fail to deal with the stress of being lied to, now imagine what will happen once he finds out that Mbali isn’t pregnant but her sister is and he was raped by Mbali and her sister .


By J Times

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