Madondo Has Gone Too Far!!!
This is the day that Nkabinde has been waiting for. She knew that Madondo’s day will come. The way she has been behaving all high and mighty on the throne she was bound to fall. Madondo mistreats patients.

The way she conducts herself is totally wrong. Mistreating patients and calling them names. She is just too arrogant. Her actions will definitely get her fired. Qwabe will just regret ever demoting Nkabinde and putting Madondo in charge. After Madodo’s fight with a patient Nkabinde will definitely be reinstated as matron.


Madondo is just a problem maker in that hospital. Madondo has gone too far now. Her days at Durban General are numbered. Her behavior is destroying her career. She does not know how to treat patients with love, care, and dignity.

Madondo has anger issues and she just can’t control her temper. After this Qwabe will definitely fire her and Nkabinde will get her job back. The mighty on the throne has fallen.


By J Times

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