The teasers hint that Nosipho will discover she is pregnant, but they do not specify if she is pregnant with Mondli’s child.

Nosipho acknowledged to Gwala last week that she slept with Mondli after their relationship became official, but she left out the fact that she took his sperm and planned to become pregnant through artificial insemination. Nosipho took a pregnancy test, which came back negative, so she has no idea she is pregnant. She and Mondli had a falling out last week when she informed him she didn’t want him back since she was in a relationship with the pastor.


Although the teasers show that Gwala would propose marriage to her once they reach an agreement, they do not tell if he will learn that she is pregnant with Mondli’s kid rather than his.

The teasers show that when Gwala proposes, her relative Mkhonto (Bonga Dlamini) will discover she’s pregnant with a Mondli kid. When he discovers that Nosipho is expecting another man’s kid.
Pastor Gwala’s mother will pay him a visit after seeing Nosipho at his house and will offer him guidance on how to propose to her.


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