Kwanda’s party is about to take down some significant characters on Uzalo. These characters are never going to be the same.

Firstly everything looked so beautiful for the love birds, and we were all surprised that Kwanda didn’t drop down on one knee to Nonka, but we got over it.

Things are about to unravel at the beach, and people will lose themselves in every way.

The Betrayal

We all know that Njeza has been making eyes at Hlelo ever since he and Sbu got out of prison.

He is the one who made sure she gets recruited to the Lokshin Bling workshop.

Yesterday we reported that something would go down between Njeza and Hlelo; well, it is what we feared.


These two will betray Sbu and hit him where it hurts the most.

The first thing that goes wrong is that Hlelo and Njeza get separated from the crowd and set up next to the beach. Just the two of them.

Then they sit very close to one another on a towel with drinks looking very cosy.

The video cuts after they stare at each other and move to each other’s lips, about to kiss.

What happens on the beach stays at the beach.

Then the teasers give us the explanation above. That means more happens, and it’s not good.


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