YouTuber, Instagram influencer and make -up artist and a DJ Cyan Boujee has once again made it to the trends. This time its about being assaulted

Cyan went to Instagram to release the following satement:

“I was physically abused and punched around by the man pictured at his venue @corner_butcher during a gig today. Worse he punched and slapped my female friends who were with me. I have opened a police case against him. His behaviour is very shocking given that there was person who was recently murdered at his venue just a few weeks ago!
This place is very dangerous guys.. for both males and females. He needs to get arrested as soon as possible and the venue needs to get shut down!!Bouncers that had to stand up for me as an artist literally stood up for the owner and held us so he beats us up! FOR NOTHING!”

However the club also issued a statement regarding the situation:


Cyan Boujee is accused of starting a fight at Corner Butcher last night. New clip of Cyan emerges detailing what happened at Corner Butcher : CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO.

The club also issued a statement on Instagram


By J Times

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