Pretty Seakamela regrets choosing Lehasa Maphosa over her family because currently things do not go the way she was thinking.

Pretty was thinking that Lehasa Maphosa will choose her and break up with Khwezi because she nearly kill him, but now she learns that everything changed, and Uncle Phomolo does no longer give her a support that he was giving her the moment Lehasa Maphosa was in the hospital.

Pretty Seakamela Realised that there is something that Khwezi knows about Lehasa Maphosa and she is blackmailing him, so it makes Lehasa Maphosa to choose Khwezi, and it is true because Lehasa chooses Khwezikwazi to save his own skin.


And Pretty Seakamela will learn that family is very important, because it will be the second time Lehasa disappoint her firstly he impregnated her and refuse to be a father and now she wants to marry Khwezi while she is leaving with her, that is a sign that Pretty and Lehasa do not belong together.

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