Sports commentator veteran Robert Marawa has found himself making rounds on social media following the allegations of the mystery lady he is rumored to be dating. Social media entertainment blogger Musa Khawula has sent tweeps into a frenzy over his recent updates surrounding Robert Marawa’s dating life’.

Social media is abuzz following the damning allegations that social media entertainment blogger Musa Khawula has leveled against sports commentator Robert Marawa and Durban Gen actress and singer Nelisiwe Sibiya. Khawula has announced that Robert Marawa is reportedly to be dating Nelisiwe Sibiya.

The 49-year-old Robert Marawa is famously known for keeping his private life very private after his public relationship with Peal Thusi.

However, recently he has also been rumored to be in a relationship with Real Housewives of Durban Nonku Williams, however, the rumor was shut down faster than the lightning by Nonku Williams on social media.

Taking to social media, Musa Khawula has left tweeps asking a number of questions about whether the dating rumors between Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Sibiya are actually true or false information.

“Robert Marawa (49) is reportedly dating Nelisiwe Sibiya (26)” wrote Musa Khawula.


Some tweeps have called out Robert Marawa as the next Busta 929. This comes after the recent news that has surfaced on social media surrounding DJ and music producer Busta 929 and the allegations of impregnating a 17-year-old teenager.

Social media is still on Busta 929’s case while shredding him into pieces after what he has come forward to say following the accusations and allegations leveled against him.
Robert Marawa has fallen into the trap and became collateral damage hence he is now labeled the next Busta 929.

“Here is another Nusta 929” Hlongwane Sduduzo
After Robert Marawa and reality TV star Nonku Williams were spotted together being cozy over wine. It didn’t take long for social media to jump into the conclusion that the pair were actually dating. Taking to social media, Nonku Williams felt the need to shoot the rumors down the minutes they started making rounds and before they could even get too much attention.

“I was introduced to Mr. Robert Marawa at the Easter Polo by my PR lady who has recently acquired my portfolio. She felt it was good for both parties to know each. But mostly because she knew Robert has an appreciation of red wine and that I own a wine brand (A2B wine).”

wrote Nonku Williams
Neither Robert Marawa nor Nelisiwe Sibiya has come forth to refute these dating allegations that have been leveled against them. However, it is only a matter of time before someone comes and says something.


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