Zuleika was last seen in the pub with Taps, and now she can’t recall what occurred or where she put her pants. Now that Senzo Meyiwa has a hidden kid… Zuleika was hoping to have drinks with Linda, and she seemed to have had affections for Linda since the NFH incident. Zuleika inquired of Linda’s sister whether he had a partner after his breakup with the mother of his child.

Fans are certain that Taps #ped her since he was with her during the night, and there is more to this scenario. According to the teasers, Linda is put in a difficult situation.” He is now enraged and feels compelled to act in response to what happened to Zuleika. Linda will begin digging and investigating gently, while Dintle asks inquiries such as, “Where is Zuleika?” Linda tries to keep the secret hidden, but the truth always finds a way out.

Teaser 29 August: Tlhogi finds damning evidence implicating a friend in a bad situation and it terrifies her. In an attempt to protect her friend, Tlhogi disposes of implicating evidence


Tlhogi will discover incriminating proof implicating a buddy in a dangerous predicament, which frightens her. Who is this person’s friend? Taps, I believe. What you’ve done now, Taps, we doubt you’d do to an innocent person. Taps has to go to jail if he #ped her.

Tlhogi will conceal and destroy evidence so that her buddy is not held responsible for all that occurred to Zuleika. There is only one buddy, and that friend is Taps. Why is Tlhogi keeping the evidence hidden? Friends will go to any length to protect one another, but concealing secrets will entangle everyone around them, especially Nhlamulo, Vuvu, and Mdala.

In September, the teasers reveal that Zuleika’s memory is reactivated, and a suspect appears. When a suspect is placed in the hot seat, the walls begin to close in on him. Taps’ world is coming to an end, and he needs to do anything to avoid going to jail.


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