Mixed feelings at the end of E.tv’s most popular and beloved telenovela, Imbewu: The Seed. After a fantastic five-year run, the channel has apparently decided to cancel this opera.

The latest stunning news regarding the discontinuation of this KwaZulu-Natal-based soap, on the other hand, has many tongues wagging.

According to Phil Mphela, an entertainment expert, E.tv has ultimately decided to terminate the show. Although little has been announced about the cancellation, rumours are already circulating on social media.


Thousands of people have subsequently hailed the show’s cancellation. Imbewu recently revived one of the characters that died on the programme.

The reappearance of Ngcolosi on Imbewu truly irritated some fans, thus some are relieved that the curtain is finally shutting on this programme.


By J Times

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