MaMpho seems not to know when to get herself out of trouble.

Her greed and desperate ways to become Mrs Zwide might now land her in trouble for supporting the wrong side.

As most viewers of House of Zwide were questioning how Zanele knew that her mother had been arrested. Well, the cat is out of the bag, MaMpho told her.

Mampho has been working undercover with Zanele to get Faith out of prison and now this week Faith gets the chance to get out.

If Funani and Nkosi get to know that Faith was helped to get out of prison by an insider, things will not end well.


MaMpho is likely to face an eviction from the Zwide mansion and her dream of becoming part of the family gets short lived.

Nkosi will know that MaMpho had a hand in the release of Faith and a huge fight will break up which will force him to throw her out of the house based on working with the family’s arch enemy.

But it won’t be for so long because MaMpho has a baby with Nkosi and for the sake of the baby he will let it slide.


By J Times

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