Durban Gen actresses Supt Qwabe and Nurse Sne can not be more different on-screen, as they play characters with opposite ways of life. Mzansi was shocked when Nombulelo Mhlongo, who plays Nurse Sne, made it public that they have a close off-screen relationship.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Nombulelo Mhlongo shared how grateful she was to her birth mother for reminding her of her worth. She thanked her other mother, Duduzile Ngcobo, who plays the role of Superintendent Qwabe, for being there for her. Duduzile Ngcobo is close with Nombulelo’s family, as the post suggests, and is friends with her biological mother. The younger actress went on to state that she is her godmother.

Before Durban Gen, Nombulelo graced our screens on Uzalo, where she fooled her fans into believing she was twice her age with her character as Nomncebo. Her character was Qhabanga’s childhood sweetheart, who fell pregnant in college and was only happy to be a parent. She later betrays her husband, but she regrets it after their son dies.

Duduzile Ngcobo is Nombulelo Mhlongo’s godmother


Currently, Nombulelo plays the slay queen Nurse Sne on Durban Gen, who finally manages to trap a wealthy doctor into a relationship. However, she has a huge secret regarding the pregnancy she currently carries that will cause problems once found out. Besides acting, she has a gift as an underground author.

Duduzile Ngcobo on Uzalo

Duduzile takes on the role of the strict Qwabe who runs Durban Gen on the straight and narrow. The Sup has her problems because of a relationship she wanted to keep under the wraps until it backfired as other women thought her man was single. A life-threatening surgery makes him move out of the country, and she follows him for a while before returning alone.

The characters she plays on both Stained Glass productions are opposites, but she brings the characters to life. On Uzalo, she takes the role of Babekazi, who is of a crooked personality and the opposite of Sup Qwabe. She steals from Nkunzi with the help of Mbatha and frames Gabisile.


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