Without a doubt, Ntando Duma is one of the most hardworking women in the Mzansi entertainment industry. The actress keeps landing job after job and makes it work even with a tight schedule. No wonder she is one of the richest female celebrities in South Africa in her own right.

Former The Queen actress Ntando Duma shows off the house she bought Sbahle on Instagram sharing several pictures of the building. The house is grey and blue with a play area outside with a swimming pool and a trampoline.

In the caption to the post, the actress said ‘iKhaya loMntanam‘, which translates to ‘My daughter’s home‘. In her comment section, celebrities and fans congratulate her on the house and its beauty. One follower applauded Ntando for her hard work and said that she deserves all the good things that come with it.

Ntando Duma shows off her house

Duma made headlines when she built a house for her mother and finished building it in 2021 before showing it off to the world. She narrated the process as hard as it taught her discipline regarding finances. After that, she made headlines when she told the world she was getting her daughter a house. Ntando emphasized how buying and building a loved one a new home shows love for the counterpart.

The house Ntando built her mother


After she was done making sure her mother had new lodgings, and her daughter had a roof over her head, Duma splurged a little on herself by buying herself a new set of wheels.

Get to know Sbahle Mzizi

Sbahle Mzizi is a child influencer born to celebrity couple Duma Ntando and Junior DeRocka. The four-year-old is a rising star as a kid influencer, taking the position of the second most followed child in South Africa. After her parents’ separation, Sbahle stayed with her mother, but Ntando has a comfortable co-parenting arrangement with her baby daddy.

Sbahle Mzizi

Sbahle is a Youtuber with her channel where she shares videos of herself and her parents. Her Instagram has surpassed her father’s by several hundreds of thousands. Big brands in the industry want to work with her like Disney Africa, Omo Berry, and Game Stores


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