Simphiwe ‘Simz’ Ngema, a Mzansi actress, has been the buzz of the town in recent weeks. This is due to the fact that she was identified as the big personality that visited “Facebook rapist” Thabo Bester in prison. Several people were surprised when the former Muvhango actress admitted to the visit but claimed it was for work.

It appears that social media followers have moved away from the dubious visit, allowing Simz to resume to her regular posts about her kid and baby daddy Tino Chinyani.

Simz Ngema sparked outrage on social media after making a statement about her visit to the Manguang Prison to see convicted rapist and murderer Thabo Bester.

The actress promptly erased the message, but the public still chastised her for her relationship with the criminal.

They wanted a thorough explanation, which never arrived, and she remained at the top of Twitter trends for days.


Fast forward to today and the story has finally blown over much to the relief of Simz who has gone back to her regular programming.

Simz Ngema and Tino Chinyani

She took to Instagram to share a sweet post about her partner and child’s father, Chinyani:

“We ain’t posting to be together if he doesn’t post me and I don’t post him.” It’s either Mpostoli or nothing. “Thank you for being my rock, Wumpalumpa,” she wrote beside a sweet photo of him and her.


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