Sbu’s Escape plan

Sbu is full-on coordinating the escape plan of action and he has Hlelo put right in the middle of it. In the video, Sbu is seen asking Hlelo to find a way of getting fake IDs’ for him and Njeza. Sbu has been in jail for months now, and his plans to get out have been unsuccessful.

Sbu thought by now he would be sleeping in his bed, eating a hot meal, but his agreement with Nkunzi fell through and Nkunzi hasn’t shown his face since the arrest.

Now Sbu is applying his own mind, and that is never a good idea.

Hlela the money maker
Hlela has been thrust right into the middle of an escape plan, and now she has to make a plan to come up with the money to execute Sbus’ plans.

Her desperation finds her talking to Nosipho, the high-rolling KwaMashu loan shark. Helo asks for R10000 from a shocked Nosipho. Nosipho tells Hlelo that she must not get involved in Sbus’ crazy plans, but Hlelo is already involved.

She is seen taking some of Sbus’ expensive belongings off to sell in order to come up with the capital to sponsor Sbus’ plans.

Scene from Uzalo this week


Hlelo becomes so desperate at one point she is seen tempted to steal the money from the restaurant. One of her colleagues gives her a bag full of money made from the restaurant to deliver to Sibonelo. Hlelo looks very tempted to use the cash for her own plans with Sbu.
Njeza wants nothing to do with Sbus’ plans

Nonka Vs Hleziphi

Nonka is still trying to run from love. This week it looks like she will have to deal with Hleziphi again because Hleziphi catches Nonka trying to stop Kwanda from calling her. It looks like it’s going to be messy between these two ladies. Hleziphi is confused because Kwanda is not making his feelings clear to her, but he will break up with Hleziphi this week and he applies his charms to the Shlobo ladies and it works.

Lilly decides to make her relationship status public but it won’t be without consequences.

The Vika diaries

Vika broke the phone he was using in jail last week. Now he finds himself phoneless and he asks Nsimbi to get him another phone so he could put his plans into action. Vika is seen asking a man named Mamba to help him.
Vika has been in jail for a week after his gun was found to be the one that killed Oliphant and put Lily in the hospital for months. Mondli gives Vika a grad lesson and it seems Vika fears for his life in jail.


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