It is about to get interesting on Uzalo this April as Sbu and Njeza brings some action from prison.

Sbu has been very bitter and angry since things got clear that he is not getting any help from the men he trusted with his life, Nkunzi and his son Sibonelo.

Earlier this month, Sbu came up with an idea that he wants to escape from jail and he is getting Njeza involved. Both prisoners went sentenced for a long time in jail but Sbu is not staying any longer in there.

Njeza was arrested for physically abusing Nosipho countless times. Nosipho had to put up with getting abused by Njeza no matter how many times she took him back after a break up. Things got really bad when he even beat her up in front of their neighbors in the street.


Sbu got arrested after confessing that he killed Nomzamo,a vlogger who was vlogging about his new business with Sibonelo and Njeza. Nomzamo and Sbu got into an accident when metals collapse down to them at their distillery and she died while Sbu survived the accident.

Sbusiso panicked and made a bad decision by calling Sibonelo who decided that they should bury Nomzamo’s body to save the distillery from closing down. Sbu was never the same after that day.

Nkunzi and Sibonelo promised him that they will take care of him forever if doesn’t mention and takes the fall for Sibonelo but that was not true because when he needed them they were not there.

Them turning their backs on Sbu had him very bitter and angry enough to plan an escape from prison. Sbu was not even able to bury his only living family member, his grandmother. Nkunzi could not even help Sbu and Hlelo with money to bury the old woman.


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