Durban Gen has kept viewers glued to their screens with all their juicy storylines. The series has introduced more new talent than most of the drama series in Mzansi at the moment. Every week a new character is introduced to the series as a patient or part of the staff.

Vusi Nova made headlines recently when he branched out into Amapiano music and rebranded to the stage name SNova. As they said it was not his best work, South Africans were left in stitches at the name and even the debut song. However, the song trended, and he proved that all publicity is good publicity to his brand.

Vusi Nova
Vusi Nova-Image Source(Instagram/vusinova1)

Vusi Nova is reaching new heights in his career as he has just been announced to be joining ETV’s drama series Durban Gen.  According to entertainment news reporter Phil Mpela the musician has joined the famous cast of the medical series. Vusi Nova will be taking on a cameo role in the series, and his appearance is in April 2022.


Durban Gen has been a circus of exciting storylines as of late, with many things happening at once. Thabo finally got himself clean and returned for his job from Dlomo. The new doctor was reluctant to hand it over. However, due to a meeting and voting Dlamini is back as head of surgery. Lindelani Zulu’s vote tipped over the decision in Thabo’s favor.

On the other end, Lindelani and Mbali find a way to fix their problems and get her not to move out. However, Mbali runs around the subject of what is troubling her in Zulu’s behavior and keeps it bottled up.

Nurse Sne keeps her secret about carrying Lindelani’s child as the nurses face Sup Qwabe’s wrath on their laziness without the matron around. Macgyver is, for once, taking responsibility without anyone expecting him to as he takes on the role to mentor his ‘son’ and finally win his mother over.


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