We can all agree Etv has managed to wow Mzansi with its drama series. The showrunners have managed to up their game with interesting storylines that have got Mzansi’s attention from Rhythm City to Durban Gen. However, in the mix of things, Scandal has managed to stand the test of time as its airing spans decades. Despite being one of the most extended aired drama series, its showrunners have managed to keep the interesting storylines alive and relevant.

No doubt we were suddenly by the exit of Romeo Medupe’s character, played by Hungani Ndlovu, but we have all found love in Nhlamulo and Mdala. The two are celebrated criminals who know well how to secure the bag and get away without leaving a trace. Their storyline is just more than exciting and capped with thrills.

At some point, Nhlamulo decided to call it quits and got his freedom at the expense of his boss Mdala character played by James Sithole, whom he pinned to a daring. Somehow Mdala managed to get his release, and since his return to town, he has been giving Nhlamulo hard times.

Actor Mdala ‘James Sithole’ set for Scandal exit


Mdala knows well how to play his cards and has managed to trick Lindiwe into believing that he loves her that much and force her to divorce Nhlamulo. He has since forced Nhlamulo to return to his old self for his gain. The bitterness is just too much. Recently they stagged one of the greatest heists in soapie history. The question is will they succeed, or someone will take a fall. To make matters, Mdala has Nhlamulo on his leash, and it seems as if he wants to take him out during the heist.

In a released teaser clip by Scandal, Mdala is seen trying to shoot Nhlamulo at point-blank but will he. Spoilers alerts have it that Mdala will be the one who will be short from point-blank before the two vanishes in the dark. After all, Lindiwe seems to be trusting his guts. Of late, he managed to place her phone in Mdala’s pocket, track down the location, and walk-in whilst Mdala tries to take down her husband.

Nhlamulo and Mdala (Source Instagram)

With that in mind, viewers have since flooded social media with messages of condolences to their favorite actor they all love to hate. We can all agree his stay on Scandal was short but worth it. Mzansi waits for the drama to unfold, capped with thrills. Of late, we have been hoping and wishing a miracle might happen to save Mdala because Scandal won’t be the same without him. Sources have it that the actor is heading for the exit as his storyline comes to an end.


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