In Pictures, Uzalo Season 8 cast photoshoot outfits impress Mzansi.

Uzalo cast went through a photo shoot in preparation for new the soap opera season 8. As Uzalo season 7 ends, the premiere of Season 8 is expected to shake the storyline, and the introduction of new faces is inevitable.

Familiar cast members attended the balloon and African-themed Uzalo season 8 photoshoot session; amongst them were Zama Magubane (MaDongwe), Ntombifuthi Dlamini (MamaDlala), Thuthuka Mthembu (Nonka), Noxolo Mathula (Lily).

Who wore what at the Uzalo season 8 photoshoot session?

Thuthuka Mthembu -Nonka 

Despite her onscreen struggles towards the end of Season 7, Nonka’s fans expect a change in fortunes for their favorite star. Troubled with a guilty conscience about Nomzamo’s death at the distillery and watching her brother Njeza being physically abused in jail is a lot to break a young woman. Her resilience in trouble is the only hope Uzalo fans clinch on for a better season for Nonka.

Nonka on Uzalo

She rocked the photoshoot session with a long green dress decorated with a cultural Zulu top finish in a true Zulu princess fashion.

Noxolo Mathula –Lily


Lily on Uzalo

Lily bossed the photoshoot with a black dress decorated with black and white beads with her infectious smile. Looking like a youthful Brenda Fassie, Uzalo fans expect fireworks from her hole in the upcoming season 8 on Uzalo. Love is in the air of Lily, who previously blocked romantic advances by fellow male police officer Detective Nyawo and saw her flirting actions ignored by Pastor Gwala. She is expected to fall in love and move out of the Xaba residence.

Ntombifuthi Dlamini (MamaDlala)

Ntombifuthi Dlamini (MamaDlala),

Gossip monger and mobilizer, Mamadlala graced the Uzalo photoshoot with a long black dress, symbolizing mourning the loss of KwaMashu Kingdom Church. In season 8, MaMadlala is tipped to influence the next step in restoring the burnt church; she is always expected to fall for Mbatha’s tricks and side with him.

Zama Magubane (MaDongwe)

Zama Magubane (MaDongwe)

MaDongwe pulled out a youthful look during the Uzalo season 8 photoshoot and earned unexpected praises from her role model Dawn Thandeka King.


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