Manaka Ranaka provides an update on her sister, Dineo Ranaka, following her suicide posts. South Africans awoke to Dineo’s messages implying suicide; she also pleaded for her children, whom she may be abandoning.

Others expressed concern about her in the comments, encouraging relatives and friends to check on her right away.

Manaka, the Generations: The Legacy actor, said that her family is with the DJ, assisting her in overcoming her dark phase.

“Her family is with her right now, and we’re working to get her all the care she’ll need in the future.” We’re trying to help her to see the light again because she’s in a really dark place right now. Thank you very much…”

Manaka She offered her sister even more affection on Instagram by dedicating a post to her.


Eish ngwana ko gae Dineo. I will always be here for you. On Sunday when I was missing Iko as I’ve never before, you are the only person that reached out.

Today was the toughest day at work although we spoke for about an hour about what you’re going through.

I love you
I appreciate you
I’m here for you
I will go to the ends of the world for you
I pray for you
I phahla for you
I believe in you
I hear you
I see you


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