Due to “power issues,” a dairy farmer in KwaZulu-Natal lost 12,000 liters of milk.

Alan Stratford reported on Twitter that the milk had turned sour due to a power outage. He jokingly apologized to Eskom for his loss.

He said his dairy had backup power, but “when all your controls get burnt by the power supply, that is the result as nothing works”.

Stratford also tweeted a video of his milk buyer being forced to dump milk due to power outages, warning that people will go hungry in the Zulu language


The CEO of the KZN Agricultural Union (Kwanalu), Sandy la Marque, expressed grave concern about the sector’s impact from load-shedding.

“Constant disruptions to farming activities have an impact on food security, farm safety and security, water supply to animals and irrigation systems, production lines and cold chains are disrupted — the severe impact list goes on and on,” she said.

“Additionally, reports of slow and limited assistance when there are breakdowns, exorbitant line fees with limited service, recurring maintenance issues, such as repeated phase failures, go unattended — the list goes on and on.” While we are committed, we urgently seek quick interventions as well as short-, medium-, and long-term solutions in the agricultural sector.”


By J Times

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