Moja Love found itself in hot water following the recent Isencane Lengane episode, and they even had to issue a statement to their viewers after they demanded that the show be canceled immediately.

Thando Msomi Dlamuka, 18, and her 19-year-old husband Siyacela Dlamuka got into a heated argument on Sunday that turned physical. Thando says in the episode that this was not the first time Siyacela touched her.

Not only that, but Moja Love kept the promotional video up until Monday before deleting it. The promotional video also includes some disturbing scenes in which the young mother and wife describes what prompted her husband to beat her.

“He slapped me while I was preparing food,” she explained. You beat me up even when the baby is crying. What would you have done if it had been a man who had called? You would have killed me, and I would have died.”

Siyacela then grabs Thando’s phone and smashes it on the ground. Since then, viewers have petitioned Moja Love to cancel the reality show and written to the South African Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCCSA).


As a result of the complaints, Moja Love issued a statement stating that they do not condone gender-based violence.

“In the most recent episode of Isencane Lengane, which aired on Moja LOVE (DStv Channel 157), couple Siyacela Dlamuka and Thando Msomi got into a heated argument, which led to Siyacela becoming violent towards Thando.

“There has been uproar following the broadcast of this episode, with some labeling this as irresponsible broadcasting,” according to Moja LOVE’s statement.


By J Times

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