Musa Mseleku has the most gorgeous wives and seeing him talk about getting a new wife every week illustrates that nothing is ever enough for a guy with a wandering eye.

On tonight’s show, a feud erupted when he told his wives that he is prepared to die on the hill for the sake of taking yet another wife. There’s no reason not to have another woman, according to his logic. He went on to say that the reason his wives were there in the first place was that he is a polygamist. To oppose his decision to take another wife is to oppose the essence of his family’s desire for him to take additional wives till he dies.


Finally, he stated that whoever wishes to remain in the marriage would do so, and whoever wishes to leave will do so. “They may go if they want to, I’ll soldier on,” he sang at the close of the program and episode. It’s strange that he’d be prepared to lose all of his marriages for a fifth wife he’s not even sure would help him create a family.


If he’s pushing so hard for a fifth wife, it’s clear that he’ll never stop taking them. He will always find excuses to add another woman to the family, no matter how often he exploits MaKhumalo’s baby problem as a scapegoat. Nothing is ever going to be enough for him. He is a polygamist, and no amount of persuasion can ever persuade him that he has enough women.


By J Times

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