Everybody needs a grandma like Faith Zwide who will stop at nothing to protect her grand children.

But isn’t that a bit toxic and over the board? After Mampho’s pregnancy complications that landed her in hospital a Web of lies was created as she claims her baby daddy’s girlfriend, Shoki pushed and and hurt her.

Now Mampho has given birth and Faith was quick to call the police to come get a statement about what happens and Mampho is ready to give the statement.

Once Mampho sticks to her story that Shoki intentionally pushed her and fell down the stairs. The police will go and arrest Shoki for intentionally hurting her and putting the baby’s life in danger.


But all that will put Nkosi in a situation where he has to choose between his girlfriend and baby mama and family.

After realising that she is making a mistake Mampho will then decide to make peace with Shoki for the sake of being a good mother to her child


By J Times

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