Mulimisi’s return from the mountains caused the Royal council to summon him for consultations. Many things have been going wrong in his absence, and there have been messages sent beyond the grave earning Vhafuwi of his new wife controlling him.

It seems the Royals cannot catch a break because they just came out of a hostage situation, and now it seems they are moving straight into another problem.

Imani and James are still working on their marriage, and he gets a gift for his wife as he continues to try and make amends for the mistakes he made. It also looks like things might return to normal because even Lesedi is starting to settle in.


She lost her marriage and her job in a short space of time. Shaz convinces her to go and take her life back and get a new job. Shaz thinks Susan should accept the invitation seriously; after all she has been through, Susan deserves to start winning.


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