Congratulations are in order for Uzalo star Gugu Gumede. The actress has shared that she has welcomed her newborn baby.

Taking to Instagram, Gugu revealed that she welcomed her baby girl last month on the 23rd. she added, “Exactly a month ago, my life became the greatest testimony. My daughter, may the heavens pave a way for your greatness, and may they always go to war on your behalf. You are so dearly loved!… Come to me correct y’all, I’m someone’s mother.”

Fans and other celebrities including Phindile Gwala, Ayanda Ncwane, and Nhlanhla Nciza have since taken to the comments section to congratulate the new mom.

Gugu previously shared that her baby is her late mother’s answered prayer. Read More: Gugu Gumede Is Mourning The Passing Of Her Mother


The actress said her baby kept her going during the difficult time of her mom’s passing. “I have often been asked where I got the strength to continue after my mother’s passing – I got it from my unborn child.

“At her funeral, as I stood at the podium and spoke on my queen’s behalf, I was not alone. The strongest heart was beating inside of me, reviving me. I am alive today because of it.”

Just a few days before her baby girl was born, Gugu celebrated her mother’s 6oth birthday. She shared that her mom worked hard to give them a better life


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