Babes Wodumo was reportedly barred from attending the funeral of her mother-in-law, Zamanguni Gumede. According to reports, Babes Wodumo has been barred from attending the funeral of her late mother-in-law Zamanguni Gumede. According to rumours, Zamanguni Gumede’s family has barred Babes Wodumo and her family from attending the funeral because of her recent behaviour following her late husband’s death. It appears that she will not be saying goodbye to her late mother-in-law.

Babes was on a parting spree after Mampintha’s death and made it known that she was fine. The Gumedes were not convinced by her method of mourning and even attacked her in the media. Pinki Gumede, the late Mampintha’s sister, revealed that her mother’s health deteriorated following her son’s death.

Surprisingly, she did not visit her mother-in-law in the hospital and even claimed it was a ruse to get attention. This came after Babes Wodumo’s family revealed that they were never informed about Zama Gumede’s hospitalisation.


Pinki has it that Babes didn’t lift a finger to help her ailing mother-in-law and was only concerned about exposing Mampintsha’s scandals on social media.

“What complicated things were the videos she kept posting on social media sometimes even insulting the family. My mother saw all of that, and it worsened her condition. I feel she died with a broken heart. But she’s at peace now.”

As a result of these recent revelations, as well as the toxic relationship Babes Wodumo and Zamanguni Gumede shared. Despite the pair burying the hatchets many times, the recent one was at Mampintsha’s funeral. It is reported that Babes Wodumo has been officially banned from attending the funeral.


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