Sello announced the news on Instagram, along with a video of the tattoo’s application.

“I’m going to live shortly to offer my wife a present for her birthday.” Team Ning’xoleleni bafowethu ukudlis Men 0 / women 10. I finally gave in. True love blinds you and drives you wild!” As he sat to get the name “Pearl” engraved into his flesh, Sello stated.

While the actor’s fans were going crazy over Sello’s “brave” gesture, it was discovered that wifey done the same for him.

“Yesterday was 365 days until our official home affairs signature date, and I came home to this present from my wife.”


Sello Maake, an actor, recently celebrated his second wedding anniversary with his wife, Pearl Mbewe. Taking to Instagram, the actor expresses his love for his wife and writes a lengthy and meaningful statement.

He also complimented his wife for completely loving him despite their age gap. In his anniversary letter to his wife, sassier Sello admitted that he has never cheated on her since they met. Cheating is the last thing Mzansi would expect from a man of God.

The pair has a 29-year age difference, illustrating that age is just a number when it comes to love. Pearl Mbewe possesses both intelligence and beauty. When she said yes to the celebrated actor, Sello Maake Mzansi explained that she was in a relationship to secure a comfortable life given their age difference.

Mzansi has already labelled Pearl Mbewe a gold digger, but she is the embodiment of hard work, with a cabinet of educational degrees to prove it. Pearl is the founder and CEO of Wisdom Entertainment Holdings, which collaborates with Wisdom Mobile Marketing, a BBBEE contributor. She also manages her husband, Sello Maake, and has worked with other well-known musicians like as Dr Winnie Mashaba.

Pearl Mbewe has a Bachelor of Marketing degree from IMM Graduate School, an MBA from Stanford University, and a MAP certificate from Wits Business School. Pearl is a mother of two children from her previous marriage, in addition to being a well-educated young lady. She currently does not have with him


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