It’s all about Gucci these days. The brand is well-known since it is frequently worn by celebrities and the wealthy. When someone wears Gucci clothing, we typically assume that they are well-dressed and have a lot of money. As time passes, some individuals put themselves in financial hardship by purchasing Gucci brands for social prestige and to look to be successful in life, while others just buy counterfeit items to fake it till they make it. With that stated, there is a group of people, primarily celebrities, who mix and match. They are often seen wearing both imitation and genuine labels.


After Tamia alleged to wear a fake Gucci jacket, the newlywed pair was accepted into the fake Gucci group. Not only is this jacket purportedly phony, but it was also never created by Gucci. They were dressed in similar attire and were on their way to a soccer match.


By J Times

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