Uncle Vinny is the trendiest kid in town, and he’s used his passion for music and culture to construct a brand and establish himself in the business. Despite his early success, Uncle Vinny has received endorsements from heavyweights like Riky Rick, Nasty C, and Hayden Manuel.

Here are ten things you should know about him:

  1. Vincent Kabelo Ndlovu is Vinny’s actual name.

2. Uncle Vinny is originally from KwaZulu Natal, although he was born and breared in Hillbrow, Johannesburg.

3. Uncle Vinny experimented with a variety of hobbies to find where his talent lay. “I enjoyed soccer, but it didn’t work out for me; I attempted being a goalie, but it didn’t work out either.” I’d always been an inquisitive youngster who wanted to know what was going on and how I might get on television. So, in fourth grade, I went to the theatre and began doing theatre work,” he explained.

4. Vinny began his career in the entertainment world when he was quite young. “I went to a theatre in H-town when I was in fourth grade since I was intrigued and anxious to be on television at the time.”


Uncle Vinny is in his fifth year of matriculation at the National School of Arts, where he is studying acting.

6. He admired Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma as a child. When he began to focus more on the entertainment side of things, he looked up to Scoop Makhathini and foreign artists such as A$AP Ferg.

7. Vinny is presently pursuing a career in presenting as an MC, actor, event planner, and promoter.

8 He just celebrated his 19th birthday by throwing a party that completely shut down Braam’s streets.

9. In 2016/2017, Vinny began hosting on Hillbrow radio.

10. In the Future Rider campaign, he had his first worldwide feature thanks to his association with PUMA.


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