Kwesta is a well-known rapper in Mzansi and the rest of Africa who made hits with prominent international artists during his days. His voice and sound made a lot of ladies fans of hip hop as they liked it; however, as years went by, he is now not making music as much as he did before.

Kwesta married his wife Yolanda Mvelase in 2019 in a private wedding ceremony surrounded by family and friends after the two had dated for several years. After that, he made a hit song called Khethile Khethile, which was their wedding song. One Twitter user made an analysis of the timeline when Kwesta’s music started fading and came to the conclusion that it was around the time he got married.

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However, after Khethile Khethile Kwesta’s career as an artist started falling and not working on music as much as before. He went on a five-year break from music before his 2021 album G.O.D Guluva. This was not received with much enthusiasm from his fans compared to his previous songs. He, however, had several features during his five-year break with other artists.

However, the latest album was not received well by fans. Fans started thinking his career was ruined by his marriage. Currently, Yolanda is in the spotlight more than her husband, growing her business empire as an influencer and celebrity. However, other fans say that Yolanda has always been there since the start. So there is no way a marriage certificate and ceremony changed things between them. Whether Kwesta will bring back the sound he is known for and loved by his fans or not is something fans will have to wait for and see.

However, some Tweeps had good things to say about Kwesta and Yolanda’s marriage, as they call them their last hope. With many celebrity couples breaking up, many hope that the couple will stay together and prove that marriage in the limelight does last.


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