Uzalo gave us flames from every direction yesterday, from Sbu’s electrifying Kwaito Bash to the Nkunzi and Vika shooting. It was the bash of the century—everyone dressed in their nineties gear and danced to legends like Mandla Spikiri.

We thought the show was done with us after that, but they dropped Njinji Magwaza, played by former isibaya actor Thembi Nyandeni.

It’s not that we didn’t know that Thembi was coming, It’s just that her appearance is a sign of havoc for KwaMashu, and all is about to explode.

Njinji is Vika’s dangerous Aunt, and since Nkunzi shot him in the stomach, all bets are off.

We all know that Vika had it coming; he has been keeping KwaMashu on its toes from day one.
He is making Cool Kruger’s life a living hell. Vika pushed it too far when he sent a stolen car to Njomanes house and when Nkunzi confronted him about it at the Bash, all hell broke loose.

The party turned into a warzone in a second, and Vika shot Nkunzi first, but the Red Bull retaliated, and now Vika is indisposed.

Uzalo unlocked Thembi Nyandeni as Njinji Magwaza on their explosive Friday Night episode


These events pulled out Njinji, who came out throwing slaps and promising to kill if Vika perished.

The excitement around Thembi’s debut had been circulating on social media since it was announced at the beginning of the year that she would be joining Uzalo.

The woman is legendary, and she is adding value to the story now.
As it is, Vika is down for now.

Njinji will plan her revenge plot on Nkunzi, and more bullets will fly.

According to the teasers, Sibonelo will meet a stranger that will cause him to disappear. This woman is just the beginning of the Magwaza/Mhlongo saga.

Nkunzi also feels that Sbu is involved in what has been going on with Vika since he funded the bash, and he confronts him on Monday and slaps him around.
Everyone knows how much Sbu hates Nkunzi.

We were not ready for yesterday’s explosive episode, and we don’t want to give away touch too soon, but all we could say is brace yourselves because a storm is coming.


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