Zahara has been going through severe financial woes. A few weeks ago, she was in the news because 6 of her SAMA awards were stolen, and since then, she has been on the information for accusing her bosses of TS records for exploitation and cheating her out of her Royalties for Loliwe.

Zahara broke into the music industry in 2011 when she dropped her legendary song Loliwe. Loliwe made her a superstar overnight, and she released more beautiful music throughout the years. Her financial struggles have been all Zahara has been headlining for recently.

Reports claim that Zahara was on the brink of losing her house, and hashtags formed in her name, with people asking for money to be donated for her.

On Saturday, May 21st, Zahara took to social media to call out Sbusiso Leope, popularly known as DJ Sbu, and TK Nciza for cheating her out of her money for Loliwe. In the video, she is heard saying Sbu and TK did not create Loliwe, that they found her on the street already performing the song to passers-by who would drop her some money for the music.
Zahara then goes on to say that TK and Sbu now own Loliwe.

Now DJ Sbu has come out to clear his name and set the record straight. Sbu says that when he met Zahara, she was just a young up-and-coming artist and that the whole team at TS records worked on her album as a team.


Leope says that Zahara went through liver problems that the doctors said were due to her excessive alcohol intake.

DJ Sbu threatens blogger Musa Khawula with a lawsuit

DJ Sbu says the allegations being perpetuated about him and TK are unfair. He says he never wanted to talk about Zahara’s issues because he was avoiding putting her in a bad light.

The DJ says that if a thorough investigation were to be conducted at Universal Studios, it would be found that actually, it’s Zahara who owes them money. He says they shared a fifty percent share in the royalties with Zahara and mentions that Zahara was supposed to get less than the company according to the contract.

Social media has called out Zahara as playing the victim, and many are saying she must pull herself together and stop playing the blame game.


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