According to Entertainment commentator on Twitter Phil Mpela, Ntando Duma is set to be part of the cast of a Zulu series in production. Duma is to play a Zulu queen called Bhibho KaSompisi Ntuli who is Chief Senzangakhona’s 9th wife. She is the mother of Sigujana, who in history is known as the brother who Shaka, his half brother, killed.

Tweeps have received the news with mixed reactions in the wake of this news, as only a few are happy to hear the news. Many Twitter users have complained about how Ntando Duma can not speak fluent Zulu. They question how she got the role of a fluent Zulu speaker. She is being accused of speaking what many people are calling Kasi Zulu, which they say is not proper Zulu.


Ntando Duma

More people are also rating her talent using her role on The Queen, which was poor acting according to most show viewers. People are questioning which criteria these series are using to select people for their auditions. They blame the privilege that most of these celebrities have. However, not everyone is angry, and some fans who love Ntando’s hustling spirit are happy for her and congratulate her on her new role.


By J Times

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