Amo kidnapped Hlengi and told her that she is not going anywhere unless she agrees that they will save their relationship.

Amo wanted to hack Hlengi so in order to do that he needed her laptop password, when she refused to give it to him, he slapped her.

Nyasha cane to check up on Hlengi but he made things worse for her. Hlengi tried to signal Nyasha by saying that she felt ‘trapped’ in the relationship. Everything lies on Nyasha and Dintle to save her.


If Dintle knew that Amo can’t be trusted, she wouldn’t have told Amo that they are thinking of involving the police. Dintle only trusts that girl in the office because she is also worried about Hlengi.

Will Dintle’s plan work to help save Hlengi’s life in time?

“That repeat words of Hlengi made Nyasha think there must be a foul play.” Said Seopo.


By J Times

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